Vail Comedy Show - September 17, 2020

Thursday September 17, 2020 5:30PM

  •  Adam Cayton-Holland (Colorado) [JFL, Conan, TruTV, CBS]
  •  Brandt Tobler (Colorado) [Comedy Central]
  •  David Rodriguez (Colorado) [JFL]
  •  Stephen Agyei (Colorado) [JFL, Netflix]
  •  Christie Buchele (Colorado) [Fox, Viceland]
  •  Dē Kelley (Colorado) [Comedy 103.1FM]
  •  Jordan Doll (Colorado) [JFL]
  •  Nora Lynch (Colorado) [JFL, A&E, VH1]
  •  Mark Masters (Colorado)

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 Adam Cayton-Holland: Adam Cayton-Holland is from Colorado and lives in Colorado. He created a TV show with two comedy partners called "Those Who Can't" which aired for three seasons on TruTV. He wrote a best selling book titled "Tragedy Plus Time". He has been on Conan twice and has many comedy albums, his most recent one topped the charts in 2020. Learn more at

 Brandt Tobler: Brandt Tobler lives in Colorado. He wrote a book called "Free Roll". He has appeared on Comedy Central's This is Not Happening. He has been featured on Fox and ESPN and has two comedy albums. Learn more at

 David Rodriguez: David Rodriguez lives in Northern Colorado. He was a 2018 selection for the New Faces showcase at the prestigious Just For Laughs festival in Montreal. He won the Comedy Works New Faces competition in 2015. He is in the process of opening a comedy club in Colorado. Learn more at:

 Stephen Agyei: Stephen Agyei is from Colorado. He won the Comedy Works 2012 Clean Comedy Competition. He has been featured on Just For Laughs Digital. He was on NPR's All Things Considered with Roy Wood Jr. His voice will be on season 6 of Bojack Horseman on Netflix. Learn more at

 Christie Buchele: Christie Buchele is from Colorado and lives in Colorado. She has appeared on Laughs on Fox. She has been written about in Forbes and the Vail Daily. She was in the 2018 short film Scary Lucy. She has headlined the in-person Vail Comedy Show.

 Dē Kelley: Dē Kelley is from Colorado and lives in Colorado. He appears regularly at Comedy Works. He has been featured on Comedy 103.1FM out of Denver, CO. He was in a TV pilot and on PBS. He recorded his debut comedy album Salutations last year.

 Jordan Doll: Jordan Doll is from Colorado. He was a 2017 selection for the New Faces showcase at the prestigious Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal. He has appeared in a TV commercial for the prestigious TGIFriday's. He has performed at the Telluride Blues & Brews festival. Learn more at:

 Nora Lynch: Nora Lynch lives in Colorado. She has been on VH1 and A&E. She has performed on Royal Carribbean, Carnival and Norwegian cruise lines. She has written for NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC and Comedy Central. She has performed at the Aspen Comedy Festival. Learn more at

 Mark Masters: Mark Masters lives in Colorado. He hosts and produces the monthly Vail Comedy Show as well as a weekly online showcase called the Comedy Test Kitchen. He has a podcast and web series, creatively named "Mark Masters", and you can buy the story of his comedy journey "Not Good Yet" almost anywhere books or audiobooks are sold. Learn more at

As always we may have some special guests dropping in too, so get your tickets early. There are two ways to watch and interact live, you can be backstage and have your laughs heard during the broadcast or tune into the stream and interact through on screen comments. Live laughers are eligible for prizes. Lineup subject to change.

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Mark Masters

Nora Lynch

Jordan Doll

Dē Kelley

Christie Buchele

Stephen Agyei

David Rodriguez

Brandt Tobler

Adam Cayton-Holland

Special backstage audience member for this show: Dave Caldwell

 Dave Caldwell: Dave Caldwell has lived in Colorado for 3 decades. Dave is a huge fan of stand up comedy. Dave has a unique and loud laugh.

The following facts have been verified by Mark Masters:
  • Dave Chappelle once called Dave Caldwell “the greatest comedy fan in the universe”.
  • Joan Rivers told Dave Caldwell she wished she could take him on the road with her.
  • Dave Caldwell's laugh can be heard on many comedy albums including these outstanding comedians: Kathleen Madigan, Dov Davidoff, and Ben Roy
  • Ron Funches recorded his album, “The Funches of Us” in Denver specifically so Dave could be there.
  • Ron Funches thanked Dave Caldwell in his list of thank yous on that album.

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